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I am Lance. A Baltimore City native and the photographer of the images that you will view on this site.  

Since 2009 I have been prolifically capturing events through my photography and videography knowledge. Now after several years of schooling and apprenticeships, including a bachelors and masters degree from Johns Hopkins University, I can confidently say that I have perfected my craft.  

When you reminisce with your loved ones, you will be thankful for the images that you can share and cherish for years to come. I specialize in weddings, portraits, and events.  

And yes, I do travel and offer specials.

Prices typically range from $1, 250-2,000 for an 8 hour wedding and $150 an hour for an event or per photo shoot.

look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards, 

Lance C. McCoy

Professional Photographer

BLive Photography


(443) 983-5874

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