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Quick question......When did you take Family Portraits?

Every day our family dynamics change, and I have seen this first hand as a photographer and educator, and now a doctoral student in education. After 10 years of practice, it is my goal to uniquely capture events through my through my knowledge and care of keeping the community in mind.

We are now offering special “Family Day” support. The goal is to capture families by offering this opportunity. Once they are in the school we can help facilitate, if needed, engaging activities to support your school goals.

Our team focuses on creativity, affordability, respect, and consistency when engaging with the community. Our efforts are to build a relationship and capture family portraits, weddings, events, funerals or headshots with you in mind.

And yes, we do travel and offer specials.

We work for you while offering a variety of services from free to affordable including print on site, online purchasing, products, video services, drone services and much more!!! We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards, 

Lance C. McCoy

Lead Photographer

BLive Photography


(443) 983-5874

Family Portrait Day!

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